It has been a while since I posted and I seem to be saying that more and more. Well a lot has gone on since I posted last. So hear is just a brief update.
This past week I took my week of paid vacation, what everyone else calls spring break, but I thought it was an ideal week to take since everyone around me was going to be gone too. But my break was not really what we think of when we think of the word break. It was a break in the sense of being away from my everyday office routine, but not a break from the task of job hunting and praying for guidance. I had 3 job interviews and the task of finding an apartment. To fill in those of you who don't know... I am on my way to beginning a new journey or chapter in my life. I will be moving to Nashville in May to pursue a career in Graphic Design. I have had the dream of moving to Nashville for about 5 years now, but school was always the one thing holding me back. I graduated in December, so that road block is no longer there. I am free to go where ever and do what ever I want. So as of Wednesday afternoon, it became official that I would be moving to Nashville. The deposit on the apartment as been made and a tentative moving date has been set. As most have asked, yes I am excited but at the same time there have been emotions that have come that I was not prepared for. I had a dream Tuesday night and then a reality check when I realize that I would be leaving behind a place that I have lived for 28 years. I am happy about this decision, don't get me wrong, but it will be a change, an exciting journey and a challenge all at the same. All I can say is fasten your seat belt and hang on!!!
Change has always been difficult for me, but this is a change I have been looking forward to for a long time. It will be hard to leave the familiarity of a place that I have called home for 28 years, but it will also be rewarding to use my talents, develop new friendships and experience many of the things that I have experienced in Oxford over the years, to now be experiencing them in Nashville.
Life is going to change as I know and May will be here before I know. God and prayer have been with me during my time in Oxford and they will be going with me to Nashville... and as long as God is the pilot or in the driver seat I will be fine!!

I will keep you posted as the day approaches. Please be in prayer as I make this transition, and pray for my family as they support me, but at the same time go through a very difficult adjustment. Especially pray for my dad and his company. Pray that the right person will come a long to fill my place and that burden will be lifted from my dad.

until next time...

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