Well summer school is over and now I am just working, with a little playing on the side... like swimming, movie watching and just plan hanging out.
I am just 12 hours away from graduating in December. I am so ready to be done with school, but who knows what will happen after that.
It is amazing how time flies, because summer school flew by and now the summer is really flying by. But I am enjoying what I can of it.
The heat is crazy, but it is nice to be able to lay by the pool and enjoy the cool breeze when there is one. (too bad the pool water fills like bath water... not much cooling off there).
Well I am just rambling... didn't have a whole lot say..
I am going to Nashville very early in the morning to pick up my cousin at the airport. He is returning from Hawaii, how nice is that. But then I will return just for a nice relaxing weekend at home, since those will be few and far between with football season starts!! woo hoo... can't wait.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Fun in the Park
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My sisters and I got together on the Saturday morning of my dad's surprise birthday party and took pictures for him. We had fun (even though it was very hot!) playing on the playground equipment and taking pictures at the same time.
My dad was very surprised and loved all the pictures. It was nice to see a new picture of us on his desk at work and it was be fun to use them to decorate his new office.

So now for the topic.. why the title? Well I went to see the movie The
Island last night . A great and very entertaining movie, I might add. But anyway,
the movie is about cloning famous people so they could live forever. But the catch is instead
of cloning just their organs they clone the whole body. The clones all live
in a place they call decontamination, as real people and then they use them
as needed on the Island. I won't give the movie away incase you want to go
see it. But what got me was that they were cloning because "American's goal
is to live forever". This got me to thinking about what worldly people feel
it means to live forever and what Christians feel it means to live forever.
I don't know about you, but I want to live forever in heaven. I just can't
imagine not believing in God or that there is a better life after this. But
obviously there are people in this world that will give anything to live
forever on this earth. In the movie, the clone cost 5 million dollars. WOW!
The price people are willing to pay. For example, plastic surgery just
to look younger. I guess my point in all this is to say, Do I want to live
forever, yes! But in heaven. Just imagine if people took living in heaven
with God as seriously as they do wanting to stay on earth forever or stay
"looking good" forever. Man, earth would be a much nicer place! Just a few
thoughts I had,

Today I am thankful for:
one week left in summer school
getting see Gena and Davis this weekend
helping my dad celebrate 50 years! He is awesome (not you can't have him... but maybe I will share)!
rest and relaxation with a friend

It has been a little while since I wrote, so I am going to try and just fill you in a little bit about what has been going on.... I have taken two tests in summer school .... i have attended class everyday (yes, everyday) .... i have worked about 15 hours at work.... i have studied (a lot, but i guess i could have studied a lot more)... i have helped give a presentation about our LST trip, i have hung out with some of my friends, i have laid by the pool, and this weekend I studied for my next spanish test, i swam at the pool, did laundry, went to a wedding, bought some new teeny shoes, went to a birthday party and then went to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I was a little disappointed with how the movie was... although I love Johnny Depp (and I enjoyed his one liners), but I still prefer the old version. So there you have it what i have been up to since my last post.

But I will have to say that I have heard two wonderful sermons during that time too. Bob (the preacher at Oxford) always has a way of saying just what I need to hear. Last week, the sermon was about being lonely. I could relate so much. I know what it feels like to be in a group of people and to feel lonely. But Bob reminded me that I am not alone with God! It is amazing how often I feel so alone and never think about God being there with me. I struggle so much with the need of feeling someone's touch when I am struggling to the point that I forget that God is with me and his touch is there, in the peace that I have through prayer. Which brings me to this weeks sermon on Risky Prayers, something I don't pray. I am not a person that likes change unless I am the one doing the changing. With this problem, I tend pray safe prayers. You know the saying you pray for patience and God is going to give you ways to use it. Well that is where I am. I am trying to pray risky prayers. It is so hard, to let God be in total control! But I am 27 years old and it is past time for God to be in total control. So if that means changing my plans (since I am kinda of a planned person) and letting God make my plans. For example: I want to move from Oxford, I want to go somewhere new, but that might not be what God wants. He might have plans for me here and need to learn to be content with that. And instead of thinking about how much I want to move, think about how is God using me in Oxford and what ways is he trying to use me that I am not doing. Praying Risky Prayers? Hmmm.... got to get on the ball!

Today I am thankful for:
Rena and Angie, I enjoyed lunch with you guys the other day. You both are so special to me (and I am listening to your advise... )
My adopted dad, Eric, for patiently reading my posts and emailing me while I was in Argentina. And for putting up with me when I run to his wife for a hug and don't even say Hi.... I am going to do better, I promise!
Bob and the ability he has to tell me what I need to hear!
My parents for loving me always
Gena and Davis and the relationship that we have, that is getting stronger everyday! I love you guys! (God is working, you will see!)
Wonderful examples that show me what Christ looks like!!

Well I took my first test in summer school yesterday. I think I did pretty well so I am hoping that I am right. Also, I got all my Spanish assignments done before the due date and was able to take Friday to get in a few hours at work and then to have the afternoon and evening to hang out with my wonderful friends. We went to see War of the Worlds. Being that I had not seen the other movie or read the book, I knew nothing about it other than the previews, so it was very enjoyable and intense for me. It was definitely a movie that I didn't sleep though (like Bewitched.. terrible movie by the way). Then we went to Wendy's for dinner after the movie.
Today, I cleaned my apartment, did laundry and then went to the pool for a couple of hours for a little sun and exercise. I love going to the pool (when it is peaceful and not a lot of people... not today). Then we decided to go to see The Fabulous 4. (things seem so expensive now that we are back from Argentina.. what happen to going to the movies for $2) It was very entertaining and a great way to relax on a cloudy Saturday afternoon. After the movie, we went to Ajax's Diner for some fried pickles and a nice dinner. Then the rest of the evening was spent watching Sean play a little bit of Tiger Woods golf, Dave downloading mission trip pictures and then watching a little TV. It is a good feeling to be at home with friends and enjoying an evening of relaxation after an intense week of work and summer school.
I finally am getting back into the groove of things again and it is starting to feel like home... I loved Argentina, but there is nothing like the comforts of home.

All in all it was a great way to spend my first weekend with my friends since I left 7 weeks ago for Argentina.

Today I am thankful for the people I met in Argentina and the impact they had on my life. And I am thankful for my friends that make me smile and make me feel loved. I don't know what life would be like without them (and I don't want to know).

Well I had a some what relaxing weekend, with the a lot of pool side fun. But not all fun, I had to study while I enjoyed sitting in the sun working on my tan. I love to sit out by the pool and relax. I just wish I didn't have to study. So I guess you all have gathered that I am well under way with summer school. I have my first test tomorrow, so I will be going to be bed very soon. But I am pleased to say that I have completed all the homework that I had due by midnight tomorrow, so I plan to join my friends to a movie and some relaxing for the weekend, before it is time to hit the books again.
But in spite of all the summer school stress, I have enjoyed chatting with some of my new friends from Argentina. I have enjoyed talking to them so much. It makes me feel closer, since I am so far away. I love them all and miss them very much, but it brings a smile through all the stress to get an email from them or to chat for a few minutes online. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends.
Things are starting to get back to normal. I have been running (something that I didn't do while in Argentina), watching a little TV and a lot of movies, and I have been to the grocery store so I have been cooking somethings at home again to save money. So I am starting to feel like I am at home again.
I will say that there are still somethings I try to do and think about in Spanish but that it a good thing (I think) since I hope to return to Argentina, sometime soon. It also makes for good laughs when you go to the ice cream stand and you don't know what to order or what all you get since you are used telling the price instead of the size and then getting as many flavors for that amount as you want. Well it was a successful adventure with a much needed laugh. But the ice cream is not the same.. so now it is kind of a let down.

Well I am through rambling for now. I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer. I am trying to in spite of school.

Happy 4th!

I hope that everyone is enjoying there 4 day weekend. I have been studying and sitting by the pool. My sister, Gena and my nephew, Davis came and ate lunch with me, then we went swimming for a little while. But then it was back to the books. My parents had a cookout at their house tonight and the whole congregation was invited. We enjoyed hamburgers, homemade ice cream, volleyball, horse shoes and just the laughs from visiting with friends. To end the night, the kids enjoyed helping my dad with the fireworks (yes, we were very careful and practice safety first). Everyone else enjoyed watching them and visiting.
Well it is back to school tomorrow and I will go to work for the first time since I have been back from Argentina.


I have completed my first two days of summer school and I am enjoying my first weekend back in Oxford. I was able to catch up on my sleep last night and I mean literally catching up.. I got 16 hours of sleep. It felt so good. I actually a little bit like my old self again. I have spent a little time at the pool, cleaned my apartment, did laundry, got ALL my pictures developed and in an album (actually 3 albums), and did a little homework in between. So my routine is coming back to me and I am loving being able to sit on my couch and relax with a little time by myself. I have gotten to eat at all the places that I was missing so now I can go back on my diet and start walking/running again.
I will get to hear a sermon in English for the first time in 6 weeks tomorrow. I am so excited! It is amazing what you miss that you thought you wouldn't. The saying that "you want what you can't have", is so true. There were things that I never dreamed I would want while I was gone, but it made me appreciated what I have so much more. Besides, all the people and the time that we shared to together there is one thing I wish I could have brought back and that is the cost of things. The peso was 3:1, and that was great! Now things seem so expensive and it makes me think twice before buying it. (which I think is a blessing in disguise).
The trip was wonderful, but I am glad to be back in the US of A and in the comforts of my own home.

My post will be back to normal too... :)

Worn Out!

Worn Out
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I promised to fill you in about my experience returning home.
We were suppose to get back to Oxford about 11 or so Tuesday night, but those plans were changed when we missed our connecting flight in Atlanta. You are probably saying why did you miss you flight... well it was not on purpose believe me. Apparently there was bad weather in Atlanta Tuesday morning (or so that is what Airtran said...although they were the only ones who seemed to be bothered by the problem). So anyway, our plane in Dallas to Atlanta was delayed for an hour, but we were told not to worry that our flight in Atlanta to Memphis was delayed too. So we arrive in Atlanta and there is another plane in our spot, so sit in the taxi area for 20 minutes, needless to say that is why we missed our connect...we couldn't run fast enough.
So we go to customer service and complain of course, but they said there was nothing they could do for us. They could not promise us a flight until 5 the next day and that was not a guarantee, it could be 2 days they said. But they didn't offer a hotel or anything, but a $7 voucher toward a meal in the airport. (how sweet of them) We decide to rent a car and drive to Memphis. But in the meantime, we don't know where our luggage is. We were told that it got on our plane (why our luggage and not us.. we still haven't figure that one out yet), but them they were sure. So we were told to wait in the airport for 2 hours and they would find it and send it up. So we wait, then we hear our names over the intercom. We go to baggage claim and they tell us they don't know where our luggage is that we mine as well go on to Memphis. So about midnight, we head to Memphis. (the best part was that we had a pimped out explorer as our mode of transportation). Sean was a blessing, he drove us ALL the way to Memphis. We arrived safely and when we got to the airport in Memphis our luggage was there!!! and my parents!!
We got to our apartment about 8:30 am and it never looked better. I felt like Dorothy (there is no place like home).

Well I am back in Oxford... summer school has begun! I am still having out of body experiences, with adjusting being back home. We had a very eventful trip home.. which I will post later. Just wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know that I am home!

More details to come...

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